Super Deal - ATV + Zipline + Safari

Super Deal - ATV + Zipline + Safari From USD 159

Jamwest Adventure Park is an adventurer’s dream. Located 25 minutes from Negril’s 7 mile beach. This 375 acres of lush greenery, mangroves, wetlands, and beach is filled with adrenaline packed activities. Adventurers can expect: Zipline, Safari and ATV tours that leaves you feeling alive.

For the less adventurous there is the opportunity to take advantage of our pool & slides or just basking yourself in our natural mineral bath.


What to Expect



After you have been picked up from your hotel travel to our 300 acre ranch style property. You will be greeted at our state of the art clubhouse that hosts a restaurant, bar and gift shop. You will meet your guides and get fully equipped with a harness, helmet and gloves, followed by a brief introductive course on our training zip line. A short de briefing on all aspects of the challenges to be expected, hand signals and gestures used by the tour guides. Climb a 60 feet (18 meters) tower then zoom off along 2450 of zip line, high above the ground. Marvel at views of the Caribbean Sea and the surrounding mountains as you fly above the forest canopy. When you reach the end of the line, rappel slowly to the ground, where a waiting safari jeep will take you back to the clubhouse. Take a moment to catch your breath prior to moving on to your next adventure.



Your 4×4 jeep safari adventure begins by traveling through the trail with a highly trained team of tour guides, botanists and zoologists will educate you about the various plants and animals and give you loads of historical information and animal shows. You’ll make stops along the trail and explore the unique habitats of three natural flora and fauna environments: the wetlands, rainforest and grassland. Wonder through the wetlands and see fascinating biodiversity first hand. From the boardwalks, see native crocodiles, iguanas, tortoises, snakes and plenty more animals. Visit the natural lakes and spring ponds and watch wading birds in their natural habitats.On your way back to the club house you’ll stop to be mesmerized while walking through one of Jamaica’s largest bird aviaries.




A pulsating ATV tour follows, where you’ll be fitted with helmets and goggles to help protect you; it will be an exciting ride through the elements. Hop on for some practice laps around the training area, you’ll get the hang of piloting the vehicle before heading out. No experience is necessary; ATVs are safe and easy to drive. Hit the trail, headed for the fishing village in Salmon Point. Follow your guide through sandy washes, over rocky hills and through strands of hardy mangroves. Once in Salmon Point, relax on the unspoiled sandy beach and catch your breath before heading back. At the end of your 4 hour excursion, rehydrate purchase your photographic memories and head back to your hotel.

This experience will take your breath away and leave you wishing, you had done this long ago!


10:00 Zipline

12:00 Safari

 2:00 ATV
* Schedule is subject to change!


Entrance fees included


Pickup and drop-off from hotels inthe Negril Area

Helmet and Goggles

Free Access to Pool and Water Slide

Free Access to mineral Bath